Friday, November 1, 2013

November Fabrics

More new fabrics available from Spoonflower. I was going to break this up into two days rather than posting all 30 at once, but so many of them are essentially the same design but with a different color I decided I might as well do them in one sitting.


Fabric covered in diatoms, a type of algae. They grow intricate shells of silicon around themselves and come in a huge variety of shapes. These little glass houses are among the most beautiful living things you'll ever find in a drop of water. Available in four different versions: Black and White, Neon orange on dark blue, Red, and Porcelain.


This is the cause of the infamous Flu. Do you get your vaccine every year? Wear this next time and you might just get an interesting reaction.  Available in four different versions: Black and White, Neon orange on dark blue, Red, and Porcelain.


Crystals of different thicknesses and heights growing in a variety of either cool or warm colors.


Maze designs in a series of long, vertical stripes. Can you find your way to the center? Available in Black and White, Green, Blue, Red, and Orange.


Behold, the twisty double helix of DNA.    


 A variety of roses on a rosy pink background.

Succulents - Crassula

I'm not sure what kind of succulent this is, but my research (AKA: Google) suggests it's somewhere in the Crassula genus. But who cares, it's pretty. Available in Side by Side or Staggered patterns.


Some kind of leafy ground cover. Don't know what kind.    

Penta Pattern

Geometrical pattern of pentagons and rectangles in shades of Grey, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red.

Sierpinski Triangle

Sierpinski triangles in Black and White, Warm colors, and Cool colors.

Snowman's Chance

Snowmen screaming in a fiery blaze! Will they be alright? I'd say they've got a snowman's chance in, well, you know.    

Frozen Over

Looks like it's pretty cold somewhere unexpected. What are the odds of that?    

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