Friday, August 30, 2013

Big Bunch of Sales

Seems Cafepress, Zazzle, and Spreadshirt are all announcing sales today.

Cafepress is offering up to 75% off your order this weekend. Just use the code: LBRWKND

Zazzle is giving 50% off all cases, stickers, magnets, and skins. I don't have a lot of those to offer you, but a sale's a sale. Use code: CASESTCKMAGS

Spreadshirt is going to include free shipping on any order of two or more items. Not for today. Not for this weekend. The sale will be between September 10th through the 17th, so mark your calendars. If I remember to I'll put a reminder up. Coupon code: FALL2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bits and Bytes

Bit Die

Two sided die (yeah, that's right, a D2) with 0 and 1 on the sides. Available from Shapeways as a 3D printed object in nylon, steel, or silver.

Byte Dice

Set of eight bit dice to make a byte. Now you can roll numbers AND letters! Heck, roll any of 256 characters. Available from Shapeways in nylon and steel.

And while I'm here, there's a sale over on Zazzle. They're offering fifteen percent off this weekend. Use the colde: LABORDAYDEAL

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mad Scientists Without Borders

Before moving on to the newest design, Cafepress is having a 40% off sale until midnight tonight. Just use code FORTIFY at checkout.

Mad Scientists Without Borders

Mad Scientists mustn't restrict themselves to their ancient castles, volcano fortresses, or secret laboratories. They should travel to where they are most needed. There are people out there still living without electricity and even more who have never even dreamed of seeing genetically engineered piranha/hawks. You can bring mad science out of your lairs and share it with those who need it most!

Today, the lab, tomorrow, the World!

This design available on a variety of items from Cafepress and Printfection as well as shirts and mugs from Zazzle.

Spreadshirt has this design available as pixel graphics (The same as the one used above) and a vector version, so you can adjust the colors if you want.

Monday, August 19, 2013

August Ties

New ties available on Zazzle this Month.

Chainmail Tie

Brightly colored chainmail links on a tie. Aso available on Spoonflower as a fabric.

Smiley Faces Tie

Random smiley faces generated by a program I wrote. Each face receives a random color, expression, and proportions. Also available as a fabric on Spoonflower.

Wicked faces Tie

Random wickedly evil smiley faces generated by the same program as before. The program limited them to more evil expressions and dark shades of red. Some even have horns. Also available as a fabric on Spoonflower.

Serpinski Carpet Knot (Cool) Tie

Celtic knots grown around a Serpinski Carpet pattern in cool colors. Created with the aid of Steve Abbott's Knots 3D. Also a fabric on Spoonflower.

Interlocking Spirals

Interlocking rectangular spirals in shades of yellow, blue, red, and green. Not available as fabrics yet, but they will be eventually.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Zazzle Watches

Zazzle has added custom watches now. They're available in eight different styles and I bet the designs I made for clocks on Cafepress will work here as well. So far I've added

Fractal Watch

I've always liked fractals, those little mathematical works of art. I made this one as part of another design, but I thought it was perfect for a clock and now a wristwatch. In fact, it's the same fractal pattern I used for the fractal fabric I posted back in July.

Hypnotic Eye Watches

Strange attractor designs in cold blue, fiery red, lively greens, and a rainbow of colors. This shape reminded me of a swirling, hypnotic eye when I first made it. Created with Chaoscope, a great program for making interesting 3D fractals.

Hummingbird Watch

Hummingbird and trumpet vine blossoms. I've used this design on mugs and clocks and things on Cafepress, but now it's a watch on Zazzle as well.

Vitruvian Alien Watch 

Leonardo Da Vinci's lesser known Vitruvian Alien. I've been using this design for ages. It's on dozens of products on Cafepress, Zazzle, Printfection, and Spreadshirt (including a vector version).Well, now that Zazzle has watches I figured I couldn't leave it out.

Fish Watch

Two fish swimming around and around in circles. Available in red and blue, blue and gold, or blue and purple. Made this ages ago back when I was still just learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. I liked it enough I decided to upload it to Cafepress and later a few keychains on Zazzle. It's never sold very well, but I'm just not willing to give up on it just yet.

This is all I've added so far but if I've got any old designs you'd like available on watches then feel free to ask.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Zazzle 50% Off Sale Today Only

50% off on Zazzle today for





... Which I don't have any examples of.

Just use code BTSMUGCANPOS

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nothing to do with anything

The following has nothing to do with the rest of this blog. I just needed somewhere to blow off some steam. If it helps this fit in better I'll throw in a coupon code from Cafepress for a sale that ends tonight at midnight for 75% off: SPARK75

And now on to my rant. Ahem . . .

Dear insurance people,

Last month, due to a mistake with my credit card that take full responsibility for, you sent me two warnings (Simultaneously) informing me that if I didn't pay my insurance would be canceled. I got online and dealt with this immediately.

The following week you sent me a third warning via email. I contacted your billing department and confirmed that this was a mistake and the payment had been received. And just to be sure, later that month I got a letter informing me once again that you had gotten my payment.

Yesterday I received ANOTHER letter, dated from before the last one, informing me that my policy is going to be canceled at the end of LAST MONTH. Please, please, please, either stop sending me letters or try to get them sent in the proper order.

Thank you. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Complete List

I have a more complete list of all my designs that I've been neglecting for a while now. Finally got it completely up to date! It goes all the way back to July of 2006. I'll try to keep it from getting so far behind but here and Facebook are still your best bet for the most recent news. Anyway, it's not fancy but feel free to check it out: Newest Items.

Extra news: Cafepress is offering 30% off all orders until midnight. Use coupon code PLUS30 at checkout. They're also offering free t shirts today. Buy one adult basic white and light short sleeved t-shirt and get one free with code DUO. Ends August 10, 2013, at 11:59 p.m.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wanted Cat

Before I move on to showing the most recent design I've got more sales news: Shapeways is selling items printed with its White Strong and Flexible material at ten percent off until August 12th! Just use promo code: rah1v at checkout.

Wanted Cat

Wanted for violating the laws of Newtonian Physics. Old timey wanted poster with a mysterious cat in a box. Just what condition to you think he's in? Dead? Alive? Maybe both. I suspect this joke's been done before, but I really wanted to put my own spin on it. Honestly, you can never have too many jokes about a cat in a box that exists in a superposition of both dead and alive. It's available from Cafepress, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, and Printfection. The cat in a box is available as vector art on Spreadshirt so you can adjust up to three colors and add your own text.

If you're not familiar with Schrodinger's Cat, it's a hypothetical experiment about a cat put in a box with a vial of poison, a radioactive sample, and a hammer hooked up to a Geiger counter. An atom in the sample may or may not decay at any moment causing the Geiger counter to trigger the hammer, smashing the vial and poisoning the cat. In fact, according to quantum mechanics an atom may exist in a superposition of both decayed and not decayed until it's measured. Does this mean the cat also exists as both dead and alive, simultaneously? No. That would be ridiculous and that's what Schrodinger was trying to say. If I didn't make enough sense for you then check out the video below. That should clear things up.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend Sales

Cafepress is having a sale this weekend. No coupon needed and no minimum purchase. This weekend only! Also offering free shipping on orders of fifty dollars or more.

Zazzle is also having a weekend sale. Use coupon code "WKNDWARRIORS" and receive 15% off all orders.

Both sales from today until August 4th.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zazzle Sale This Week

Sorry, I guess I missed this, but you've still got some time. Zazzle is having a sale this week! Use the coupon code SUMMERTRAVEL and save $5 off sandals, 50% off drinkware, 40% off hats, 30% off apparel, 25% off bags and luggage tags, 15% off planners and notebooks, and 10% off everything else! Summer Sale