Monday, August 19, 2013

August Ties

New ties available on Zazzle this Month.

Chainmail Tie

Brightly colored chainmail links on a tie. Aso available on Spoonflower as a fabric.

Smiley Faces Tie

Random smiley faces generated by a program I wrote. Each face receives a random color, expression, and proportions. Also available as a fabric on Spoonflower.

Wicked faces Tie

Random wickedly evil smiley faces generated by the same program as before. The program limited them to more evil expressions and dark shades of red. Some even have horns. Also available as a fabric on Spoonflower.

Serpinski Carpet Knot (Cool) Tie

Celtic knots grown around a Serpinski Carpet pattern in cool colors. Created with the aid of Steve Abbott's Knots 3D. Also a fabric on Spoonflower.

Interlocking Spirals

Interlocking rectangular spirals in shades of yellow, blue, red, and green. Not available as fabrics yet, but they will be eventually.

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