Friday, August 16, 2013

Zazzle Watches

Zazzle has added custom watches now. They're available in eight different styles and I bet the designs I made for clocks on Cafepress will work here as well. So far I've added

Fractal Watch

I've always liked fractals, those little mathematical works of art. I made this one as part of another design, but I thought it was perfect for a clock and now a wristwatch. In fact, it's the same fractal pattern I used for the fractal fabric I posted back in July.

Hypnotic Eye Watches

Strange attractor designs in cold blue, fiery red, lively greens, and a rainbow of colors. This shape reminded me of a swirling, hypnotic eye when I first made it. Created with Chaoscope, a great program for making interesting 3D fractals.

Hummingbird Watch

Hummingbird and trumpet vine blossoms. I've used this design on mugs and clocks and things on Cafepress, but now it's a watch on Zazzle as well.

Vitruvian Alien Watch 

Leonardo Da Vinci's lesser known Vitruvian Alien. I've been using this design for ages. It's on dozens of products on Cafepress, Zazzle, Printfection, and Spreadshirt (including a vector version).Well, now that Zazzle has watches I figured I couldn't leave it out.

Fish Watch

Two fish swimming around and around in circles. Available in red and blue, blue and gold, or blue and purple. Made this ages ago back when I was still just learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. I liked it enough I decided to upload it to Cafepress and later a few keychains on Zazzle. It's never sold very well, but I'm just not willing to give up on it just yet.

This is all I've added so far but if I've got any old designs you'd like available on watches then feel free to ask.

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