Saturday, October 19, 2013

October Additions

Serene Robot (3D Print)

He's a robot and he's enjoying a moment of serenity. This is my most recently painted addition to a series of emotional robots. I'm adding the older robots (And other robot related designs) once a week to My Robot Designs blog.

Serene Robot (2D)

I also have the same robot character in two dimensions for t-shirts and things on Cafepress, Zazzle, Printfection, and Spreadshirt where I've also got a vector version in case you want to select your own colors.

Fortune Frames

A frame for fortune cookie fortunes! Now when you get one you want to keep you can frame it and put it on your shelf or hang it from your wall. These are sized to fit a two and a quarter by five eighths inch fortune. There's even enough room to slide a thin piece of plastic in front to protect it (I cut mine out of the plastic bag it came in.) but it fits just fine without it. Fortunes come in many different sizes and if you have a specific size you need to fit let me know and I'll upload one for you.

Available in three different styles. The Standing Frame comes with a post on the back so it can stand up on your shelf. You can get just the one or a set of five. The Hanging Frame has a loop on top to hang it from a small nail in your wall. Also available as one or as a set of five. Chain Frames have loops on top and hooks below so you can hang one from another in a chain. One set has four Chain Frames and one Hanging Frame to go on the bottom, or you could buy single Chain Frames to extend it for more fortunes.

Penta Patern Ties

 Geometrical pattern of pentagons and rectangles in shades of blue, green, yellow, red, and grey.

A Snowman's Chance

Snowmen screaming in a fiery blaze! Will they be alright? I'd say they've got a snowman's chance in, well, you know.

Frozen Over

Looks like it's pretty cold somewhere unexpected. What are the odds of that? I came up with this and the last one as opposites but with the same idea behind them. Something very unlikely. Now I'm considering a series of them. Maybe one with flying pigs. Any other suggestions?

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