Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 2013: New Designs on Spoonflower

Remember all those ties from yesterday? Well, I've been creating designs intended for my new shop on Spoonflower. Spoonflower sells print on demand fabrics, wallpaper, and gift wrap but I realized that a lot of them would work well as necktie designs on Zazzle. Anyway, these are the designs that I've put up for sale this month on Spoonflower, but some of them may look a little familiar. In case you're wondering many of the designs created from photographs taken by my father.

Purple White Tulips
Purple white tulips on green. Photograph taken at the Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Smiley Faces and Wicked Faces
Random smiley faces generated by a program I wrote. The first comes in a wide range of bright colors and expressions while the second consists of wicked little devils in shades of red.
Bacteriophage: Black and White and Neon
The bacteriophage is my favorite virus. Not only does it t reproduce by infecting and destroying bacteria but it's got an icosahedron for a head and cute little legs to grab hold of the bacteria's membrane! Modeled in Maya and rendered to look like an image from an electron microscope for the black and white version. I then added a gradient map to give it some color in the neon version.
Bamboo: Purple Stripes
Close-up of bamboo with purple stripes. Photograph taken at the San Diego Botanic Garden's bamboo garden.
Repeating pattern of coleus (I think) plants. I wish I could be sure, but it definitely resembles the coleus plants I found on Google. Another one from San Diego Botanic Garden.
Fractal 01: Big and Small
I've always loved fractals. What can I say? I like the idea of combining math and art. Made this years ago with some free fractal program whose name I don't remember anymore. There are so many of them. I couldn't decide what size to make this in so I've got two: one inch squares and four inch squares.
Tropical Pair O' Dice
A pair of dice in a tropical setting. Don't look at me like that! Someone had to make the joke. One of my older designs that I've adapted for Spoonflower.
Homicidal Pacifist
I don't believe in violence, but lord knows there's some folks out there I'd like to strangle peacefully in their sleep. I've also heard the design described as looking like a "Peace Pirate" so if you're looking to express a more peaceful outlook on Talk Like a Pirate Day, this is for you.
Dino Mask
It's a dinosaur wearing a gas mask and carrying an air tank. What more is there to say? I got the idea from a cloud I saw out the window of an airplane while flying home one day. It's one of my old designs and I've got several different versions (Including a 3d model) but so far I've only added the Old Paper version to Spoonflower.
Cthulhu Yin-Yang
A pair of Cthulhu heads attempting to recreate the Yin-Yang symbol. I think they're having a little trouble keeping their tentacles where they belong, Each pair is organized into a group of four and I know it looks like they're offset diagonally but that's just an optical illusion created by the tentacles.
Closeup of a bamboo stalk arranged in repeating vertical stripes. Another one from the bamboo garden.
Tropical Leaf Stripes
Vertical stripes made from a close up of a tropical plant's leaf. I wish I could tell you exactly what plant it was, but I was too buy enjoying the SD Botanic Garden to take notes.
Blue green and purple scales with yellow edges. This one doesn't have much of a story. I just liked the color combinations.

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