Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 2013: New Items from Zazzle

This month was a good month for ties on my Zazzle store. I think you'll see why after the next post.

Tropical Pair 'O Dice Tie
A pair of dice in a tropical setting. Don't look at me like that! Someone had to make the joke.
Coleus Tie
Repeating pattern of coleus (I think) plants.
Scales Tie
Blue green and purple scales with yellow edges.
Bamboo Stripes Tie
Closeup of a bamboo stalk arranged in repeating stripes. Use "Customize It" button to rotate the direction of the stripes if you'd like. 
Bamboo: Purple Stripes Neck Tie
Closeup of a bamboo stalk with purple stripes. Click the "Customize It" button to rotate the orientation of you'd like
Capsaicin Tie
A spicy design covered in capsaicin molecules and peppers.

One of my favorite molecules, Theobromine (From Theobroma - food of the gods) is one of the best known components of chocolate.
Tropical Leaf Stripes Necktie
Stripes made from a close up of a tropical plant's leaf. Click the "Customize it" button to rotate the direction of the stripes if you'd like.
Fossil Layers Tie
Brightly colored fossils, including trilobites, ammonites, and turritellas.
Cthulhu Tie
Cthulhu Fhtagn. Design is actually based on a necklace I've got on Shapeways.
Cthulhu Yin-Yang Tie
A pair of Cthulhu heads attempting to recreate the Yin-Yang symbol. I think they're having a little trouble keeping their tentacles where they belong.
Square Knots Tie
The square Celtic knots pattern with threads in shades of purple varying to red on a deep violet background.
Dino Mask Tie
It's a dinosaur wearing a gas mask and carrying an air tank. What more is there to say?
Weeping Japanese Maple Tie
Weeping Japanese Maple leaves with a little over saturation.
Bamboo: Yellow Stripes Tie
Closeup of bamboo with yellow stripes.
Nightshade Cards
Pack of cards with a decorative nightshade design on the back.

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