Saturday, September 21, 2013

September Fabrics Day 2

Day two and I'm back to finish of the rest of the fabric designs.

Capsaicin - Blank

Capsaicin molecules again but this time with a blank, white background.


Feather pattern created from an agave leaf. Another image from San Diego Botanic Gardens. When the leaves are young they're all pressed against each other and they leave impressions on each other as they grow. I really liked the overlapping pattern that created on the mature leaves.

Palm Trunk

Closeup of the trunk of a palm tree. It might not be bright and colorful, but I think it's a pleasing range of grays. Photograph taken at the Shinn House in Fremont, California.


Lavender blossoms on green. Also taken at the Shinn House.


Design based on nightshade blossoms and berries. I couldn't make up my mind about how I liked them arranged, so I made them in both side by side and diagonal. Uses the same image that I put on a deck of cards back in July.


Mass of writhing green tentacles for all the Lovecraft fans out there. "What can I use this for?" I hear you ask. I DON'T KNOW! Seriously, the idea hit me and I just had to make it. And if you already have a use in mind, well, frankly I think I'd rather just remain ignorant.

Puzzle Pieces

A scattering of puzzle pieces in shades of Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, or Grey. In case you're wondering (and if you're anything like me it's been driving you batty from the moment you first set eyes on this design) YES, they pieces do fit together. They fit together into a five by five square, but the pattern is seamless which means with an infinite length of cloth you could assemble an infinite number of puzzles. Though I do suspect it would get pretty monotonous pretty soon.

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